JTAG Tools :
Welcome to JTAG Toolkit site!
This site is devoted to open-source tools that can be
used to perform a different tasks like:
- IC interconnection testing
- In-system Flash memory programming
- FPGA and CPLD configuration
- Working with BSDL files
- Debug and verification
All tools on this site are available under the GNU License.

At the moment, you can find here the following tools:
- library which allows to work with BSDL-files;
- low-level routines to work with JTAG through the parallel port under Windows;
- the same, but for Linux;
- Xilinx Virtex configuration utilities for Windows and Linux;
- two simple utilities to control and inspect the state of UUT (Unit-Under-Test) pins.

Also, we are planning to publish in the nearest future the library and tools for JTAG-based Flash memory ISP along with schematic and firmware of our new "boost download" JTAG-cable. This cable will support USB and LPT connection on PC side and will provide up to 10 times faster communication with JTAG devices than standard Xilinx Parallel Download Cable.

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